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Don't be surprised what you see on here.. It holds a bit of everything I have interest in. though, be careful, what you may find could be triggering




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There is a Pope in the Cars universe. This means that there is Catholic Christianity, which means there was a Jesus car who was crucified. Jesus Chrysler was crucified by car Romans under Pontiac Pilot who washed his wheels. A car was nailed to a cross and ascended to Heaven.


if u throw around words like psychotic for the hell of it, when u don’t actually mean someone struggling with psychosis, i hate u and i hope a bird shits on ur head

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Beautiful rare French 19th century trephine brace for sale. Steel, nickel, brass and wood. This is one of the largest most ornate trephines that I have come across. Trephination was once used to relieve tension inside of the skull by boring a hole into the bone. Comes mounted on a custom brass and wood stand. $1600 plus shipping. To purchase please please contact me at info@ryanmatthewcohn.com. U.S shipping and serious inquiries please. #trepanning #trephine #trephination #humanskull #realbones #medicalskull #medicalhistory #medicalantiques #osteology #anatomy #anatomical  #oddities #raremedical

It’s so rad to have such talented label mates! Congrats to @panicatthedisco on the award last night! #apmas #fuluedbyfamily